Our Portfolio

Great Range Capital’s portfolio is made up of unique companies with their own strategies, leadership teams, and investment horizons. But they collectively share many of the traits that further enforce our passion for investing in the Heartland – they were built by hard-working and successful entrepreneurs, they care deeply about their employees, and they value having a partner like GRC that understands and embraces their culture and heritage.

Apple Bus Company
Cleveland, MO

Apple Bus Company is a leading provider of school bus transportation services.

Fairbank Equipment
Wichita, KS

Fairbank Equipment is the Midwest’s leading distributor of application and control equipment used in the agriculture and energy industries.

Mission, KS

GirtonLLL specializes in transporting liquid bulk hazardous materials throughout the
United States.


Mission Woods, KS

HeartLand provides commercial landscaping services to customers in the Midwest.

Labor Source
Olathe, KS

Labor Source, through One Source Labor and CATSTAFF, is a national leader in providing temporary staffing and labor services for the restoration and light industrial sectors.


Learn more about One Source.

Learn more about CATSTAFF.

Mountain Valley Spring Water
Hot Springs, AR

Mountain Valley, “America’s Premium Water since 1871” is the oldest continuously operated bottled water company in the United States.

Fairwave Logo

Kansas City, MO

FairWaveTM Holdings is a Kansas City based collective of leading local coffee brands with a passion for specialty coffee that does right by our community.

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