Our Approach

Great Range Capital has a unique combination of institutional-grade experience and Midwestern values. They’re basic values that we learned from our parents, teachers and coaches. They work here in the Midwest because other people, regardless of whether they’re entrepreneurs or family-based business owners, learned the same values in the same way and same places we did.

Yet our experience with firms on the East Coast completing more than $5 billion worth of deals means we have best-in-class processes, deep and connected networks, broad industry and transaction experience and the ability to customize solutions.

Business owners and management teams are seeking more than just an investor. GRC can be a unique and valued partner with a shared Midwestern culture and a best-in-class approach to private equity.

Investment Profile


primarily the Heartland


Niche Manufacturing
Business / Industrial Services
Consumer / Retail
Healthcare Services


Revenue: $10mm+

EBITDA: $3mm+


Leveraged / Management Buyouts
Significant Minority
Structured Equity

We proudly seek to partner with great Midwestern companies and executives.

They typically have excellent people and products, rich histories and opportunities for continued growth. Their owners are seeking a path to retirement, navigating generational transition, searching for a partner to help take the company to the next level or simply looking for partial or full liquidity.

GRC partners with executives who have a history of success and strong values. While we provide support when we can, we believe in letting management “do their thing.” And we believe in aligned incentives – our executives should have both reasonable “skin in the game” and significant equity upside potential. Among other things, GRC will typically assist in strategy development, acquisitions, financings and capital prioritization.

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